About Li Pigments

Our relationship began with Li Pigments back in 2006, when Alison was a practising technician. She had been searching to find the very best pigments to use in her procedures on clients, and came across the wonderful Lasting Impressions in the US. Alison loved them so much that she become an authorised distributor in 2008 so that she could give other technicians access to these amazing pigments.

All the Li pigments come with an assured safety record, relevant certification, and are certified by Peta as Vegan and Cruelty-free. They are also excellent products to use, both in terms of the procedure and the healed result.

So, which Li Pigment is right for you? Here's a quick guide to help you to choose: 

Velvet™  - Specially formulated with a glycerine base to leave clients with beautiful, vibrant, and long lasting colour, our Velvet™ pigments have a creamy consistency, are pre-stablised, heal true to colour and are long lasting. Ideal for machine implantation and microblading. The Velvet and Aqua pigments are available in the same colours and share the same CIC

Aqua™ - Quick drying water based formula that is great for sensitive skin. The Aqua and Velvet pigments are available in the same colours and share the same CIC

Micro-Edge™ - A highly concentrated version of selective Organic & Inorganic colourants made exclusively for Microblading procedures. With a creamy texture with reduced drying properties, these pigments heal true to colour, are consistent and long lasting.

Forever Lips™ The Forever Series pigments line is a highly concentrated range that safely produces long lasting shades that are elegant and classical, giving a natural appearance. They have a creamy consistency with maximum colour intensity in every drop, so minimal touch-up is required. A unique formulation for easier skin penetration, with no evaporation or splatter 

Micro-Colors® - We stock this well-established pigment range for Areola and Paramedical skin tones as they are simply brilliant for matching the varying skin tones of clients, required in areola/paramedical procedures. 

LI Scalp® - A comprehensive collection of natural looking hair colours, LI Scalp® is a unique line of pigments designed for use in Scalp Micropigmentation procedures to mimic the appearance of hairs on a closely shaven head.

If you would like to find out more about any of our pigments, please contact us by filling out the e-mail form or giving us a call (if you'd like a speedy response, a phone call is probably best!).