Espresso (Aqua™) 7ml


Espresso (Aqua™) 7ml

TEMP: Extremely Cool
BASE: Black & Brown. Contains a small amount of Red. Inorganic
SKIN TYPES: Fitzpatrick IV-V

A dark brown with a hint of charcoal (smoky brown) eyebrow colour. Espresso contains no warm additives, so it is a very cool colour, healing like a charcoal brown. Because of the charcoal influence, this colour will heal darker than Navajo Brown. Espresso is an exceptional colour for clients who request a dark eyebrow without any warmth. Mix with Hazelnut for this type of client to avoid having a brow too cool or warm. On some skin types Espresso can heal to appear as a smoky black colour.

Lighten with Cappuccino or Hazelnut.

Darken with Dark Toffee or Ebony Brown.

For additional warmth add Un-Grey or Autumn Gold.

Favourite Combinations: Use to darken Hazelnut, Mochaccino or Cashmere. Add a drop or two to darken Taupe. Hazelnut and Espresso is a beautiful combination.