Lighten Up! (Velvet™) 15ml


Lighten Up! (Velvet™) 15ml

TEMP: Slightly Cool -1
BASE: Neutral Yellow & Green, Inorganic, Contains Titanium

*See Note of Caution

Lighten Up is a light beige-brown colour and is made specifically for the correction of colours which have healed too dark, particularly for eyebrow corrections.

Contains a high percent of Titanium Dioxide which is a very strong pigment and long-lasting in the skin,  and if too much is applied it could heal to an ashy grey.

A little goes a long way and will drastically lighten a colour, so use Lighten-Up sparingly directly on the eyebrow in thin hair stokes for brows that have healed too dark.

Lighten Up may also be used to blend with any eyebrow pigment to lighten it.

Note of Caution: THIS IS NOT A REMOVER. Not recommended for saturating a full brow for the purpose of lightening. Apply Lighten Up in the technique of hair stroke application to break up a brow that is too dark and/or too saturated.