Pecan (Velvet™) 15ml


Pecan (Velvet™) 15ml

TEMP: -2
BASE: More Neutral Yellow & Green, Inorganic
SKIN TYPES: Fitzpatrick I-III

A very popular light taupe eyebrow colour with subtle brown undertones. Lighter than Taupe.

A stunning light taupe for Fitzpatrick I-III skin tone clients who have white, grey or salt and pepper scalp hair without the benefit of substantial amounts of natural eyebrow hair. Also an excellent choice for clients who have white, grey or salt and pepper natural eyebrow hair. In addition, Pecan is a good choice for the client with blonde scalp hair, with or without light blonde natural eyebrow hair, who desires an ashy light taupe eyebrow.

Lighten with Sahara or Lighten Up

Darken with Taupe.

Select another colour if a warmer pigment or result is desired.

Favourite combinations: Blends well with Brève or Crème Latte to achieve a light ash blonde.

Note: Less brown colour undertones will be evident on the ruddier (reddish or pinkish) skin types and the result will appear greyer.