UN-Grey (Aqua™) 7ml


UN-Grey (Aqua™) 7ml

TEMP: Extremely Warm +5
BASE: Orange, Inorganic, Titanium Free

*See Note of Caution

A warm pumpkin colour, UN-Grey is formulated specifically for the correction of stubborn dark grey, charcoal grey or stubborn darker blue brows. 

May be used alone if the grey or blue is dark and dense. Use as a 50% additive to the target colour if the stubborn grey or blue is sheer in the skin and is not dark and dense.

Add to any mid-range to dark eyebrow colour (see Cashmere through to Ebony Brown eyebrow colours) for additional warmth. Not recommended as an additive to blondes or lighter brown shades.

May add a very small amount of UN-Grey to black eyeliner colours for clients with very cool eyelid undertones to maintain the blackness of the pigment in the skin.

Note of Caution: Use Grey Vanish and not UN-Grey to warm up light colours and to correct light/sheer blues and greys. UN-Grey is intensely concentrated. An extremely small amount should be used as a little goes a very long way.